Michigan Lions 
District 11-E1
CUB CLUBS in Michigan District 11-E1
The Lions Cub Program: The goal of this program is to help introduce community service & the feeling of satisfaction you get inside when you help others to a whole new generation at a young age. It is a program in which children young family members of Lions between the ages of 2-12 years can become part of a club & work side by side with their parents, grandparents, aunts & uncle to serve the needs of their communities. It allows family members of all ages to come together as Lions. The Cubs are pre-LEO &, unlike the LEO, the Cubs must be a family member of a Lion within the club in order to join the program.

Cubs receive a certificate, t-shirt, activity book & patch. Give them responsibility, they’re eager to help! They can help the tail twister, pass out materials & draw the 50/50 winner.

The Cubs also give your club a youthful appearance, & you are seen as a family club which opens your doors to younger members. Because of the Cub program, ½ of the Lions in our club are between ages 18-40 now.

The Cubs help out with our projects & fundraisers, working side by side with Lions. When the Cubs help out with White Cane day, they bring in more money than anyone else!

The Cubs also choose 1 task from a list for each year in their age & they have 3 months to complete the tasks. Tasks include coming to a Lions meeting, working a fundraiser or reading a book. For completion, they receive a reward from the district.

The Cubs are given coloring books or projects to work on during club business. You can appoint one person to plan & watch over the kids’ activities or rotate Lions each time
What can other clubs learn from this?

There’s many ways you can get younger members, increase community awareness about your clubs or bring families into Lions, but this program is one that can do it all! Visibility is key to membership, word of mouth & involving the kids. Starting a Cub program will catch your community’s attention. Our Cubs have been featured in the local newspaper & on the local news for what they are doing.

The Cubs wear their shirts to school on the days of a club meeting, our 1st Cub has her Lions life all planned out she is actively recruiting her friends & classmates at age 9 so she can have 20 members lined up to start a LEO club when she turns 12. Then it’s Cub to Leo then Leo to Lion. The kids & the parents of our community know who we are now & what we do & it’s opened so many doors for our club & how we help our community. 

Our club just swore in our 8th Cub this past week the program works and is still growing. If you can you should try it and see what it can do for your club.



Advisor: Lion Melissa Wynn
Jenks Rd Baldwin, MI 49304
H: 231-598-1284

Big Rapids Lions
Advisor: PDG Lion Jim Chipman
21240 Poplar Rd., Paris, MI 48858 
H: 231-796-7708, jcchipman6062@yahoo.com

Cadillac Lions
Advisor: DG Lion Tim Anderson
10797 Pine Shores Dr., Cadillac, MI 49601 
C: 231 920 9905, dgtim11e1@charter.net

Mesick Lions
Advisor: Lion Shiela Ferrell
8771 N 1 Rd., Copemish, MI 49625
H: 231-885-1621, arsferrel@yahoo.com

White Cloud Lions
Advisor: Lion Audrey Williams
455 Highland, White Cloud, MI 49349
H: 231-245-0250