10. Was sufficient time given for the guest speaker to complete the presentation?
2.         Did the meeting begin with a regular opening ceremony (Pledge, prayer, song?
9.  Is the Club meeting place adequate?
3. Did the Lion Tamer see that the American Flag, Club Banner, etc. are properly set up?
4. Were guests properly introduced?
5. Were you properly greeted upon arrival?
6. Did the Club President follow a regular agenda?
7. Did the Tail Twister promote good humor and a lively meeting?
8. Was there a friendly atmosphere during the meeting?
1. Did the meeting start on time?
11. Was the Business portion of the meeting handled professionally and by the agenda?
Please fill out this report to help keep us informed of how the clubs within our district are doing.
Answer Each Question:    Yes,   No,  or  N/A (Not Applicable)
12. Do the members seem to enjoy and take part in the meeting?
15.        Comments,suggestions, or concerns about the club:
14.Does the membership seem to be active and involved with their club & community?
13.         Do you feel the club would benefit by a follow up visit or call from our GMT/GLT team?
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