8. Was sufficient time given for the guest speaker to complete the presentation?
2.        Did the meeting begin with an opening ceremony? (Pledge, Prayer, Song)
11.  Is the Club growing?
3. Did the Lion Tamer properly set up the American Flag and Club Banner?
4. Were guests properly introduced?
5. Was every member introduced or wearing a name badge?
6. Did the Club President follow an agenda?
13. Do you feel the club would benefit by a follow-up call from the Governor, GMT, GLT, or GST?
7. Was there a friendly atmosphere during the meeting?
1. Did the meeting start on time?
9. Did the business meeting follow the agenda and was the meeting handled professionally?
Please Answer Each Question:    Yes,   No,  or  N/A (Not Applicable)
10. Were the various Committee Chairpersons listed on the agenda?
15. Comments or suggestions for improvements:
16. Did you discuss with president if they felt any areas needed improvement?
12. Is the club active in the community?
Date of Visit
Your Name
Date of Report
Your Email Address
A copy of this report will be sent by email to 
the Governor, 1st VDG, and Cabinet Secretary
14. Did you observe any Leadership candidates within the club?
What would they like assistance with?